Excellent products and Haier service center services in Indonesia
Excellent products and Haier service center services in Indonesia

Excellent products and Haier service center services in Indonesia

Haier Service Center is the name of various equipment brands produced by China, which is very popular in Indonesia. Various electronic products such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. are introduced.  If  you know the Sanyo brand, Haier is the owner of the brand. Similarly, in terms of service services, spare parts for sale can also be done by this company.

To date, the demand for electronic products has been growing rapidly around the world, one of which is from Indonesia. On the territory of Indonesia, electronic products are needed and distributed due to various needs, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. You can find Haier companies as well as n ya in service Haier service centers. The branches established by this company also cover the territory of Indonesia itself.

This Haier company is growing very rapidly in Indonesia and even in 2019 there was a 29% increase. The Sanyo brand itself has been renamed Aqua Japan for now. Although still considered a new competitor, this company can be considered superior in dominating the market, as evidenced by the products sold in different regions throughout Indonesia. In addition to providing products, we also provide service center services that are useful for preparation, spare parts, etc.

Provision of service center services for refrigerator products

People certainly need a refrigerator for their daily needs. In fact, it can be said that this one thing cannot be escaped in life. Its function is very important for the long-term preservation of various types of food, so that it is in great need of this item is no exception for the lower middle class.

Within our company, we offer a wide range of refrigerators with various forms of doors. The flagship and best refrigerator product is the AQR-D270 2-door refrigerator. Because this refrigerator has become a popular model used by the public, especially for today’s advanced era. The price itself is very affordable for the Indonesian region, and there are many Haier service center enthusiasts in the model.

This refrigerator has excellent quality compared to other refrigerators. Because we pay great attention to the quality of this item. The advantages of complete installation, frost-free, oversized vegetable box, removable, cosmetic box, tempered glass etc. are also offered in it. With the different advantages of these products, do not forget that service services are also offered within it.

This 2 door refrigerator product can be found at the Haier Service Center branch and certainly at a price that is friendly to you. We can also help you with sales, service, spare parts for refrigerator products, etc., according to your respective needs. Therefore, you do not have to wait for a long time to ensure that you resort to our service. With our professional service, we will respond as much as possible to your wishes, whether you want to shop comfortably or repair damaged items.

Availability of washing machine products through various service center services

While no longer a rare item, washing machines are a staple needed by local Indonesians. The presence of this item eliminates the need to wash different equipment as necessary, such as clothes, towels and curtains. We also offer washing machine service products at the Haier Service Center.

In this advanced era, the washing machine is divided into two tubes and one tube. Both have their own advantages if you look carefully. It turned out that for the machine to use only one tube, it had the advantage of being more efficient than two tubes. In addition, the efficiency obtained is also quite a lot like one tube washing machine product FQW-850728QD, Aqua Japan’s products always offer you the best one.

To be able to get this item, you can also contact the call center via live chat, SMS & WA at 085810003003 number, or by email custcare@haier.co.id. Various services such as spare parts, sales, purchase and spare parts can of course be done at the outlets of Haier Service Center . Senna NASA friendly service will give you an extraordinary experience in doing transactions and services in our company.

AC is the best choice because of the benefits of the products and services offered.

Air conditioners and air conditioning products have become electronic products that are increasingly invading Indonesian homes. Of course, it will replace the presence of fans that do not usually feel fresh. Therefore, choosing an air conditioner as a conditioner is one of the things that the community likes to do.

However, when you want to buy this one air conditioner and other equipment, you need to be careful of quality of course for quality, especially in this day and age, of course, you will produce a lot of this cooling product. Also, adjust the size of the room you want to use. If the room is small, you can only choose a small AC.

You can choose the AQA-KRCV9WJ cooler owned by Aqua Japan at the Haier Service Center. This is because compressors have the advantage of being able to automatically cool the room and adapt to the needs present in the occupied room. That way, you can no longer get around to the sophistication of this one product. In fact, due to the sophistication of technology, it is not comparable to anyone.

As with refrigerators and washing machines, of course, we also offer a service center, which offers the convenience of sales, spare parts, spare parts and other service services you need. Professional service and high quality products will certainly make customers the best customers and subscribe to our services. When you place an order at Haier’s service center, please tailor it to your own needs.

TV makes excellent product and best product and service quality

My next favorite electronic item is an Aqua Japan TV. Just watch your  favorite TV or watch it with your family and enjoy free time with your family.  The presence of NYA also brings a unique atmosphere to the house. Because it can add to the excitement and enjoyment present in the dwelling. The television that exists today is very developed in modern times compared to ancient times. The same is true for the specifications.

For those who wish premium quality TV, Haier Service Center n ya for our guests is also offered. In fact, not only can it be used to watch TV shows, but it can also be done in the quality of a television on a video game console. One of the flagship TVs is the LE50AQT9600 series TV. In TV quality, it already has a Miracast function and HDR decoding. Of course, it will make the best impression for your family.

The 4K HD feature offered is very special because it displays four times as many pixels out of 4 pixels as 1080 pixels. Thus, you cannot doubt again the quality of the images and videos that appear. Of course, it has extraordinary clarity, so it gives you a high-quality clear screen display. You can bring it now and receive a variety of attractive offers for services at our Higher Service Center.

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